When searching for promotional items, we go straight to Custom Printed Swag since we know we can always count on the most outstanding customer service, great expertise on what items may work best for us, all while being quoted at a fair price point. There are so many options on what items to consider and it can be overwhelming to get started. So if you are a little confused or don't know exactly what you are looking for just yet, I'd highly recommend sending Lisa over a quick email (or fill out their contact us form) asking for suggestions/recommendations for your business. I know that shortly thereafter you will receive a helpful, non-pushy response to help you get started. The website is a great starting point for brainstorming, but utilizing Lisa's knowledge is a game-changer. There are items out there that I would've never thought existed before working with Custom Printed Swag, and now, those items have our logo on it and always get high praise at our tradeshows and events. Carpe Diem Designs and Custom Printed Swag has always provided us with high-quality items very quickly, and will continue to help us with our branding moving forward.

  • Zack Augstell
  • SofTrek Corporation
  • Oct 27

I've worked on multiple projects with Lisa at Carpe Diem Designs over the past 20-years. I am proud to consider Lisa as part of our team. The expertise and attention to detail that goes into the work Carpe Diem Designs pushes out for us is top-notch. Don't hesitate to contract with Carpe Diem Designs...we use their work on all of our marketing & sales material and could not have achieved the same high quality had we attempted to do this work ourselves.

  • Marc Johnson
  • Millennium Computers of Western New York, Inc.
  • Feb 08

My office has worked with Carper Diem Designs for the past 16 years. We have used them to design logo's in which we were very satisfied. We also use them for all of our printing needs in which the turn around time for any order is excellent. They are very professional and we have always been 100% percent satisfied. I would highly recommend them to anyone. Not just based on their professionalism but also because of great customer service, quality and great pricing as well as everything they have to offer.

  • Linda Fagan
  • Outsource Receivables Management, Inc.
  • Feb 02

I've had the privilege of working with Carpe Diem Designs for the past 14 yrs. My business has used them for everything from business cards, promotional giveaways, brochures, booth set ups, apparel, employee gifts and the list goes on and on. I highly recommend them for their creativity, professionalism, promptness, friendly nature and great customer service. If you want high quality, you've come to the right place.

  • Christine Davis
  • Buffalo Molasses LLC, North Java, NY
  • Jan 25

Carpe Diem never disappoints! Great customer service and fantastic designs. As a non-profit they are really in touch with what my business needs. I order with confidence and have always been 100% satisfied with my purchases. Outstanding business!!! We always sell out!

  • Frieda Weeks
  • Hope for Heather, Syracuse, NY
  • Jan 24

I have used Carpe Diem Designs, Inc. to create and publish magazines, postcards and banners for our Academies in the Ken-Ton School District. The work was outstanding. We created a very professional magazine that people raved about and the banners are hanging in our hallways at both high schools where compliments are made about them consistently. We have ordered pens and other swag through the Custom Printed SWAG division and have been extremely satisfied. We have referred many coaches and class advisers who have also been very happy with the products they received. Recently the senior class advisers ordered blankets which were a huge hit. I highly recommend both companies for anyone who is looking for advertising. They are the ultimate professionals who provide quality work. I guarantee you will be satisfied with the products offered.

  • Nancy Pray
  • Ken-Ton School District, Tonawanda, NY
  • Jan 18

I checked out this website after hearing about it from a friend, and I am very impressed. Word of mouth is the best! There is so much to choose from, and so many ideas. I work part time for a company that sends various promotional items to their clients etc., I will definitely be making them aware of this!!!

  • Dennis Spink
  • Jan 18

I ordered custom imprinted sippy cups for our fundraiser and they were a big hit! Everyone loved the logo design and just the fun, but practical, concept of the cup. People are asking each year if we will offer a new design for the annual fundraiser so they can start a collection! The customer service and attention to detail was above and beyond whatever I could have gotten locally. Speedy shipping was an added bonus. Looking forward to working with this company again next year.

  • Amy G.
  • The Riding Academy, CA
  • Jan 12

We bought some imprinted pens from Custom Printed Swag to promote our business. The imprint and product itself was impressive. Customers and myself loved the stylus on end! We definitely will reorder this product. Price and turn around time def. worth it.

  • Lori Gillen
  • Gillen's Expert Auto - Alden, NY
  • Jan 11